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Homeownership requires a lot of maintenance in, around, behind, under, and on top. Posit gets its name from prepositions: how we relate to our homes. There’s always something to be done and it poses a lot of questions. How? What? Where? Our customers posit those to us, and with a trained home specialist/project manager, we answer, solve, and verify the issue. Think home warranty and home inspector level quality to maintain your home as an appreciating asset–the most expensive one most of us will own. The process is automated on an app that tracks your home like the living entity it is. We set up a custom profile and you can snap photos of the issues you see and have a team member reach out within 24 hours. We do the dirty work of research and acquiring quotes, heck, we’ll even meet people at your home to let them in so you don’t have to spend your day waiting for a repair person between that dreaded 8-8 window, and that’s if they deign to show up! We make owning a home, easier. Posit-ively!

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